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You are searching a smart way for collecting your favorite recipes from different websites, papers or cookbooks? Becooked is offering you a simple solution. Create recipe cards with ingredients, preparation steps and photo - for yourself or for sharing with friends.
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"I have been looking for this website all my life. The way you've organized everything is perfect. You've got something wonderfully simplistic here. Well done! Something so simple always gets overlooked."
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Organize your Recipes in Lists

You can organize your recipes with tags or recipe lists easily. Think about the menu for your next dinner party - just create a list and add the recipes. Your guests really like your menu? Share it!

Stop Copy & Paste

Recipe instructions and ingredients from Recipe Websites.

Becooked is doing the job for you.

Link your Instagram Post to your recipe

You are an instagram foodie and like to share your delicious recipe photos? Becooked will help you to add recipe details to your instagram photo. Create a new recipe and add your instagram post to the recipe. If you get asked about the recipe details of your instagram post, just share the becooked recipe link - fast and easy.

Your Recipes,
Your Data

We save all recipes in a standadized format and create continuous backups. All recipes belong to you - and if you like getting your recipes, we provide you all your data.